Bee-Plane TRL3

Redefining Aviation with Detachable Fuselage Technology

We’re reimagining the future of aviation with our groundbreaking project :

a medium-range aircraft featuring a detachable fuselage

This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the way we think about aircraft design, maintenance, and efficiency.

Collaborative Innovation at TRL3

Our TRL3 journey began in 2021, and today, we are proud to be near the closure of TRL3, with plans to close this phase by June 2024. The heart of our success lies in collaboration, and we’re grateful to our partners:

Bee Plane collaborative project TRL3 Task is active (2021/2022/2023/2024)
TRL3 started in 2021, TRL3 is planned to be closed in June 2024

Collaborative Partners for TRL3 :

Estaca (Saint Quentin, Laval, Bordeaux)
Ecole Centrale Lille
Lycée Diderot, Lycée Louis Armand

Explore the Bee-Plane Wiki

Delve deeper into the Bee-Plane project by visiting our Wiki. Learn about the aircraft’s unique features, its development milestones, and the collaborative spirit driving it forward.

Bee-Plane is a medium-range aircraft with detachable fuselage. It is a collaborative R&D project at TRL2


Aeronautical R&D Projects under Lesser Open License 1.3

Bee-Plane TM is proud to be a part of the aeronautical community. We’ve been using Bee-License 1.3 since 2013, with contributions from four universities in the first year. We’ve achieved our first TRL, and the journey continues.

Bee-Plane TM

This project is using Bee-License 1.3 since 2013 and used 1.2 in 2012. First TRL is now achieved. In the first year, four universities have contributed to project. Project is in TRL2 in 2019.


Redefining Air Emergency Oerations

In our quest for innovation, we didn’t stop at the aircraft’s structure. Explore our Hospital Basket concept, redefining air travel comfort with surgical units, medical facilities, and comfortable patient rooms.

Aeronautical R&D Projects under Lesser Open License 1.3

Hospital basket has been defined during TRL1. First drawings have been realized in 2012/2013. Two chirurgical unit on the back, regular medecine in front, crew rest area in the middle. Single Bed rooms and one four beds room


Passenger Comfort Redefined

Take a peek into the future of air travel with our Passenger Floor Plan. Discover the layout with spacious seating, aisles, amenities, and more. In TRL3, we’re introducing a triple pressure bubble design, ensuring the utmost comfort for all 220 passengers

Bee-Plane Passenger Floor Plan

It represents passengers cabin layout with seats, aisles, toilets, galleys, structures, luggage’s area.

Passenger floor that have been studied 

For TRL3, tripple pressure bubble, two aisles of reinforcement structures, two aisles, central exit doors, galley in the middle en back. 220 passengers.

One single main door on each side for passenger’s embarkation. Main galley is on the back. Doors are in the middle of the basket, bellow wings. Wall of the luggage’s area is used as reinforcement structures.

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BeePlane – Where Innovation Takes Flight.

As we progress through the critical phase of TRL3 and approach its completion, our dedication to fostering partnerships that catalyze innovation is more vital than ever. The detachable fuselage technology at the heart of BeePlane not only exemplifies our commitment to redefining aviation but also sets a new standard for versatility and efficiency in aircraft design. By enabling quicker turnaround times and facilitating varied aircraft usage ranging from cargo transport to passenger services, this technology promises to dramatically reduce operational costs and increase aircraft utility.

Moving forward, the next steps for BeePlane involve not only refining the detachable fuselage technology but also integrating it with advanced sustainable technologies. Our aim is to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce the environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals. The integration of hybrid-electric propulsion systems and the exploration of alternative fuels are avenues we are keenly investigating.

In parallel with technological advancements, our community engagement is expanding. We are actively seeking new collaborations with technology providers, academic institutions, and industry leaders to join us in this transformative journey. The goal is to create a broad consortium that not only pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in aerospace technology but also cultivates a new generation of engineers and designers who are equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s aviation industry.

Join us at to explore more about our projects, delve into detailed project insights, and discover how you can be a part of this exciting venture. Whether you’re an industry professional, a potential partner, or an enthusiastic follower of aviation innovation, there’s a place for you in the BeePlane community. Together, let’s take aviation to new heights—where innovation isn’t just imagined but engineered into reality.